Fan Coil Units

Fan Coil Units are designed specifically for trouble free and feliable operation and are quietest in its category. Low height of the unit makes them ideal for low ceiling areas. Units are light in weight, which helps for ease in installation.

the most advanced technology by computerized selection and designing of coil for most efficient operation / heat transfer. Coil deck consists of multi rows deep chilled water / D.X. coil. Coils are made from seamless copper tube tightly bonded to equally spaced aluminium fins for better heat transfer. Coil deck is insulated from inside to prevent condensation.

  • Grommets are provided for unit mounting. Three-rows deep coil is standard feature. Computerized coil selection for most efficient performance. Manual air vents are provided in all coils.
  • Flare nut connections provided at coil inlet and outlet. Units with higher filtration levels can be used for clean room applications also.
  • Low vibration and noise. Less power consumption. Due to flare nut connection at coil ends, installation time is reduced. Units are also coming with customized optional features. Can be removed easily from its application place because of its light weight.
  • FCU can be provided with fan & coil controls for better power saving. They can also be provided with 2/3 way on off motorised / manual valves. Manual or automatic fan speed selection, energy saving mode activation by just 1 button. Fan speed can be selected to automatic or manual 3 speed control mode.

Alfa Aircon established in 1987 is one of the leading manufacturers of AHUs, Company enjoys extra ordinary reputation for the quality of its products, pre-sales technical support, timely execution of orders with fully reliable after sales services.

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